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Welcome To danagroupbd.com
Differential controller SD
Differential controllers for use with flat and tubular collectors.
Heating controller Elfatherm ME 50, ME 80
Elfatherm ME is used in heating systems with mix controllers. The compact controller Elfatherm ME consists of a weather-dependent 3-point controller mounted on a servo-motor. It is ideal for retrofitting to existing systems. ME 50 is particularly suitable for miniature mixers, e.g. the Minimix. ME 80 is fitted with a universal mounting plate. This makes it possible to install it on all conventional mixers.
Heating controller Elfatherm E25
By its use of modern digital technology the heating controller E25 series offers a wide range of functions combined with simple handling with its time-tested analogue control philosophy. The following controller models are available: - E25.0100 Boiler and hot-water controller - E25.0200 Dual stage boiler and hot-water controller - E25.0300 Boiler, mixer and hot-water controller - E25.0400 Dual stage boiler, mixer and hot-water controller - E25.1000 Mixer controller
Heating controllers Elfatherm E6
Adjusting cocks for precise adjustment of flow rates. GEHV: for gas pe max. 1 bar, for air pe max. 4 bar, operated by hand wheel with adjusting scale, DIN-DVGW tested and registered. GEH: for gas, pe max. 1 bar, tool-operated. LEH: for air, pe max. 4 bar, operated by hand wheel. DN: 8 to 50, connection: internal thread on both ends or internal/external thread.