Welcome To danagroupbd.com
Welcome To danagroupbd.com
Ignition and sensing electrodes FE, FZE
Electrodes for ignition and monitoring of gas burners, made of Kanthal A1, insulated or bare, with electrode holder. Length: 300 to 1000 mm, angular or straight electrode adapters, interference suppression possible, diameter: 4 or 6 mm.
Ignition transformers TZI, TGI
Ignition transformers for high-voltage ignition of gas or oil burners, suitable for ignition and control with one electrode, TZI for cabinet installation, protection IP 20, TGI for wall installation, protection IP 65. Ignition voltage: 5 to 7.5 kV, duty cycle: 20 to 33 % or continuous operation, mains voltage: 115 V AC or 230 V AC.
UV sensor for continuous operation UVD
UV sensor for continuous operation, for monitoring gas burners in conjunction with burner control units BCU..U or PFU..U, in aluminium housing with DIN plug connection, needs 24 V DC supply voltage.
UV sensors UVS
UV sensors for monitoring gas burners, EC type tested and certified in conjunction with Kromschröder automatic burner control units. UVS 1: with non-detachable silicone cable, with optional heat protection, IP 40, UVS 5: with non-detachable cable, flame visible from two sides, IP 40, UVS 6: with connection terminals, with integrated heat protection, IP 55.