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Welcome To danagroupbd.com
Adjusting cocks GEHV, GEH, LEH
Weather- and indoor-temperature-dependent controller for control panel or boiler attachment, in standard 144 x 96 mm housing, with CAN bus interface and optical interface for PC connection. E6.0231 for sliding one- or two-stage boilers with hot-water temperature control, E6.0321 for sliding one-stage boilers with one direct heating circuit and one mixer circuit with hot-water temperature control, E6.0631 for sliding one- or two-stage boilers, two mixer circuits and hot-water temperature control, E6.1111 for one or two additional mixer circuits to be operated independently or via CAN bus as an extension module for boiler circuit controllers.
Flow meters DM, DE
Turbine wheel meters for measuring gas flow on gas consumption equipment, for gas burner adjustment, for gas and air. DM: mechanical counter head, DE: electronic counter head, measuring range: 1.6 to 1600 m3/h, DN: 25 to 150, connection: thread or installation between two flanges, pe: max. 4 bar, M bus interface for DE available.
Non-return gas valves GRS, GRSF
Non-return gas valve to prevent gas creepage or surge, for gas, air and oxygen, DIN-DVGW tested and registered. GRS: not flame-arresting, GRSF: with sinter bronze flame arrester, so flame-arresting in the case of use with combustion air, DN: 15 to 80, connection: thread or flange, pe: max. 100 mbar or 5 bar.
Orfice assemblies FLS
The appropiate differential pressure can be checked using two pressure test points before and after the orifice.
Pressure gauges KFM, RFM
Pressure gauges with capsule elements and Bourdon tubes for pressure display, resistant to positive pressure, with zero point correction, for gas and air. Measuring ranges: KFM: 0 to 400 mbar, RFM: 0 to 16 bar, diameter: 63 or 100 mm.
Stainless steel bellows units EKO
Stainless steel bellows units for stress-free pipe installation and for avoiding transmission of vibrations, for gas, air and water, with restricting orifice if required, DIN-DVGW tested and registered. DN: 15 to 200, connection: internal thread, external thread or flange, pe: max. 4 or 10 bar.
Stainless steel flexible tubes ES
Stainless steel flexible tubes for stress-free, flexible connection of devices and pipes and to avoid transmission of vibrations, for gas, air and water, DIN-DVGW tested and registered. DN: 8 to 100, connection: external thread, pe: max. 4 or 16 bar, length: 500 to 2000 mm.
Ultrasonic flow meter DU
For metering gas where no calibration is required, display of the quantity consumed and current throughput, ultrasonic measurement, suitable for intermittent operation, output signal: 4-20 mA. measuring range: 5 to 1600 m3/h, DN: 50 to 150, connection: flange or installation between two flanges, pe: max. 4 bar for gas 16 bar for air and intert gases.
Visual discharge unit AS
Visual discharge unit for the monitoring of gas valves for tightness used in conjunction with the solenoid relief valve VAN.